EL-Y Series

EL-20Y · EL-25Y · EL-30Y · EL-15TSY · EL-20TSY · EL-30TSY · EL-15TTY · EL-20TTY · EL-25TTY

  • EL-Y Series is designed with a Y axis turret. The series of turning
    center has a 45 degree slant bed construction combined with
    heavy duty roller type linear guideways on X, Z and Y axis.
    A wide range of axis configurations are available that meet
    flexible machining requirements.
  • 12 position hydraulic turret
  • Working length from 231 mm to 587 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter 780 mm
  • Single Spindle / Single Turret (EL-20Y · EL-25Y · EL-30Y)
    Better cut quality and high accuracy
    Double Spindle / Single Turret (EL-15TSY · EL-20TSY · EL-30TSY)
    Double Spindle / Double Turret (EL-15TTY · EL-20TTY · EL-25TTY)


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EL-Y Series

EL-Y Series