EL-TC Series

EL-TC35 · EL-TC40 · EL-TC45 · EL-TC50

  • The design concept of EL-TC Series services
    of CNC lathes is to enhance their heavy
    cutting capability high efficiency. With 500 to
    1020 diameter of cutting, these machines are
    applicable for cutting large pieces and shafts in
    traffic and energy industries.
  • 10 position hydraulic turret standard on EL-TC 35
    and EL-TC40 (12 position option) and 12 position
    standard on EL-TC45 and EL-TC50
  • Working length from 820 mm to 5280 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter from 660 mm to 1100 mm
  • Single Spindle / Single Turret
EL-TC Series

EL-TC Series


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