CNC Lathes STH

The STH series of CNC lathes is a landmark among the flat bed computer numeric control machines. Parallel lathes up to 4 axis providing an exceptional versatility in the industry, combined with the precision and surface quality that have settled Pinacho as a benchmark in the machine tool world.
The STH parallel lathes have been designed thinking in the most demanding clients, using the best quality components in addition to the most innovative technology based on 70 years of experience in the market.
  • CNC Lathe STH 500

    CNC Lathe STH 500

    The CNC blat bed lathe STH-500. Robust machines up to 1010 mm in swing over bed, 5000 mm…

  • CNC Lathe STH 400

    CNC Lathe STH 400

    The CNC blat bed lathe STH-400. Robust machines up to 805 mm in swing over bed, 5000 mm…